Founder of Kaur Republic. Proud graduate of Borough of Manhattan Community College and Baruch College. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Public Administration at Baruch and hope to use my degree in the service of others.


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Through this blog I am aiming to cover the Punjabi American impact on politics in the United States and attempt to provide insight from the diaspora on the current issues. I studied Political Science and Government with minors in Psychology and Anthropology. I have worked on political campaigns, at the United Nations, with the office of United States Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), and have worked with non-profit groups and progressive activists to find solutions to the most pressing issues we are facing as a country, historically and in the time of COVID-19. I am have Sikh Punjabi heritage and grew up in Queens, New York. I currently live on Long Island but do spend my time and advocate across the downstate New York region.

As Rupi Kaur says in her book, Sun and Her Flowers:

“my voice
is the offspring 
of two countries colliding 
what is there to be ashamed of
if english 
and my mother tongue 
made love 
my voice 
is her father’s words 
and mother’s accent 
what does it matter if
my mouth carries two worlds 

Finding my voice and being able to advocate on the issues is something I am very passionate about. Using this blog as an outlet is an act of defiance towards centuries of shutting down women when we dare to speak up and empowering our LGBTQIA+ community to be able find a space where they can talk about their struggles and where we can find common ground to work together to eradicate toxic masculinity and patriarchy. In this historic moment, when the diaspora has come together in support of the Kissan who are demanding their lands and history back from capitalism, I hope to center the most marginalized and give space to those who wish to change the world.

As someone who grew up in post 9/11 America, I am no stranger to being called a “terrorist” and of police surveillance in Gurdwaras. I grew up in a working class community in Richmond Hill, Queens where I got my start in community organizing through SEVA NYC. Empowering Indo-Caribbean and South Asian communities has been a strong passion for me and what drives my work to this day is experiencing racism in public institutions, of being food insecure and knowing the struggles of working class immigrants, two of whom are my own parents.

Much of my writing on my blog will be coming from a progressive perspective and is directly informed by my own lived experiences in dealing with these systems.

What My Blog Covers

American Foreign Policy

Trump & Biden Administration

Civic Engagement

Combatting White Supremacy

New York State Politics

Asian American Empowerment

Countering Hindutva

Higher Education

Kaur Republic in the Media

Here are some news outlets that have quoted me on the issues I cover:

Why New York’s free college program is still costing its students: https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2020/2/5/21113890/new-york-free-college-excelsior-tuition

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