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Punjabi Perspectives on American Issues that happen in real time

This is a political blog focused on providing Sikh Punjabi perspectives on American politics and how our government impacts our daily lives. For so long, the voices of Kaur’s have been left out from the discourse. It’s important to empower our voices while fighting to make meaningful change.

I’ll be covering the Biden Administration and the work it does to combat the most pressing issues that Americans are facing today. I also discuss the intersections of identity politics, past and present.


Tracking the diaspora, one blog post at a time

Kaur Reads


We all read really good books about the subjects we like the most. For me it’s politics, history and anthropology. I’m aiming to review books, you might want to read but quite haven’t had the push to go out and buy. Stay tuned for Kaur Reads.


“Today I remember all that is beautiful and good and worth fighting for.

Today I remember that the labor for justice has gone on for centuries before me and will go on for centuries after me.

Today I remember that I am not alone – that if millions of women are listening to the wisdom within them too, and still choose to return to the work, then we will usher in a new era – where women are believed, where women lead.” 

― Valarie Kaur

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